Metal separation and recovery from wastewater treatment plant sludge through anaerobic bio-leaching and membrane separation processes. TUBITAK, Project 116Y227, 2017-2020, Co-investigator

Desulfurization of biogas using a membrane bio-scrubber. Marmara University Research Fund, Project FEN-C-DRP-070317-0109, 2017-2019. Principle Investigator

The effects of trace element supplementation and ammonia removal on biogas production from nitrogen rich organic wastes. TUBITAK, Project 113Y333, 2014-2017, Principle Investigator

Anaerobic Dynamic Membran Bioreactor. TUBITAK, Project 114Y842, 2015-2016, Co-investigator

Removal of sulfide and nitrate in bio-electrochemical systems. TUBITAK, Project 112Y390, 2013-2014. Principle Investigator

Pervaporation separation of volatile fatty acids from leachate generated by a leach-bed reactor. TUBITAK, Project 112Y218, 2012-2015. Co-investigator

Fabrication of nanoparticle embeded polymeric membranes for water and wastewater treatment: Investigation of nanoparticle release. TUBITAK, Project 112Y064, 2012-2014. Co-investigator

Hazardous waste management in compliance with European Union environmental regulations in Turkey. TUBITAK, Project 107G126, 2009-2012. Co-investigator

Direct electricity production with microbial fuel cells treating organic wastewater. TUBITAK, Project 108Y008, 2008-2011. Principle Investigator

Investigation of the landfill leachate characteristics and assessment of the performances of the leachate treatment plants. TUBITAK, Project 108Y269, 2008-2011. Co-investigator

Biological nitrogen removal from wastewater with Anaeorobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) process, TUBITAK, Project 108Y120, 2008-2011. Consultant

Bio-electrochemical wastewater treatment, Marmara University Research Fund, Project FEN-A-110908-0229, 2008-2010. Principle Investigator

Quantification of active bacterial communities in wastewater treatment plants. Marmara University Research Fund, Project FEN-BGS-120707-0160, 2007-2009. Co-investigator

Hydrogen production by dark fermentation of biomass resources (BIOHYP), FP6-IEF, Project 024050, 2006-2008. Principle Investigator

Correlation between dominant microbial populations and degree of stabilization in MSW landfills, TUBITAK, Project 105Y245, 2005-2006. Principle Investigator

Leachate treatment alternatives for Istanbul Komurcuoda Landfill, TUBITAK, Project 104I070, 2004-2005. Principle Investigator

Microbial communities in municipal solid waste landfills, TUBITAK, Project 104I002, 2004-2005. Principle Investigator


  • Research Opportunity – Araştırma İmkanı

    Post-doc researchers willing to study in the pilot scale Anammox system in Ambarli Sewage Treatment Plant in Istanbul may contact me by sending an e-mail to baris.calli(at) – Doktora/doktora sonrası araştırmasını İSKİ’nin İstanbul Ambarlı Atıksu Arıtma Tesisi’ndeki pilot ölçekli Anammox tesisinde yapmak isteyen araştırmacılar baris.calli(at) adresine e-mail göndererek benimle iletişime geçebilir