Research Subjects

- Membrane separation and recovery of  valuable chemicals from waste streams

- Anaerobic fermentation of organic fraction of municipal solid waste

- Membrane extraction of anaerobic fermentation products

- Anaerobic digestion of poultry manure coupled with ammonia separation

- Bio-electrochemical systems (Microbial Fuel Cells)

- Landfilling and leachate management/treatment

- Composting and biodrying

- Biological nutrient removal (Nitrification/denitrification, sulfate reduction, sulfide oxidation)

- Management of municipal/hazardous solid waste

- Recovery of CFC-11 from polyurethane insulation foams of end-of-life refrigerators



  • Doktora sonrası araştırmacı

    Anaerobik Arıtma ve Çevre biyoteknolojisi konularında tecrübeli, mevcut projelerin yönetimine katkıda bulunacak, doktora ve master öğrencilerini yönlendirecek doktora sonrası araştırmacıya ihtiyacımız var.  İlgileniyorsanız Prof. Barış Çallı (baris.calli(at) ile temasa geçebilirsiniz.

  • MEBiG Opportunities

    If you are interested in research conducted in MEBiG, and see opportunities for obtaining your own support for doctoral or postdoctoral studies from Fellowship and Scientific Exchange Programmes of TUBITAK; please e-mail your CV and a 1-page application letter to Prof. Bariş ÇALLI (baris.calli(at) or to Assist. Prof. Dr. A. Evren TUGTAS (evren.tugtas(at)