ENVE 303 Environmental Engineering Microbiology

(Çevre Mühendisliği Mikrobiyolojisi)


Instructor: BARIŞ ÇALLI (Professor)

Office: MB-641

Phone: 216 3480292 Ext. 1289 (Office)

e-mail: baris.calli(at)marmara.edu.tr



Lecture 1: Microorganisms and Microbiology (Book Ch.1)

Lecture 2: Brief Journey to the Microbial World (Book Ch.2)

Lecture 3: Cell Structure and Function in Bacteria and Archaea (Book Ch.3)

Lecture 4: Nutrition, Culture, and Metabolism of Microorganisms (Book Ch.4)

Lecture 5: Microbial Growth (Book Ch.5 )

Lecture 6: Phototrophy, Chemolithotrophy, and Major Biosyntheses (Book Ch.13)

Lecture 7: Catabolism of Organic Compounds (Book Ch.14)

Lecture 8: Bacteria and Archaea (Book Ch.17, 18, 19)

Lecture 9: Methods in Microbial Ecology (Book Ch.22)

Lecture 10: Major Microbial Habitats and Diversity (Book Ch.23)

Lecture 11: Nutrient Cycles, Biodegradation, and Bioremediation (Book Ch.24)

Lecture 12: Microbial Growth Control (Book Ch.26)

Lecture 13: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Waterborne Microbial Diseases (Book Ch.35)


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